Weight Loss and Health Tips

We live in a society where eating has become more of a pleasure than real need. Maintaining a healthy body weight has become a problematic task. When starting out a diet, the first thing we should take care is our nutrition. If we fix this, everything will fall into place sooner or later.

“Health tips for living”

In this weight loss and health tips, I will speak about a very nutritional food;the legumes. Legumes are seeds, or pods of leguminous plants. They are known since antiquity, and are among the most nutritious natural foods. There are currently 600 types of legumes, and 13, 000 varieties. Some of the most popular are: soy beans, black beans, kidney beans, lentils, chick peas, black eye beans, red beans, peas. Legumes are low in calories, have 0 cholesterol, and are very inexpensive, making them an ideal part of a healthy diet.

All legumes are rich in essential nutrients including; protein, fiber, fatty acids, antioxidants, iron, potassium, b vitamins, folic acid. They are good substitutes to animal protein. Soya beans are the legumes with the most protein. Thanks to the protein, legumes can help repair cells from free radical damage, build muscle, burn fat, and assist digestion in the body.

A meal with legumes will fill you fast, and for longer without the insulin levels go up, because they contain a lot of fibre. According to recent studies, people who consume often legumes have low risk to develop a heart disease, and colon cancer. Other studies have shown that legumes have strong anti-aging elements.

You can buy them raw, frozen, or in cans. Preparation and cooking methods vary, but usual cooking time is between 30 to 60 minutes. Some of them, you might need to soak them into the water for a few hours before cooking. If you choose to eat them straight from the can, rinse them once to get rid of the extra sodium. You can make many different meals all nutritious and delicious; salads, dips, soups, and stews.

Legumes have a bad reputation because of the gasses they produce, the reason for that, maybe is the lack of enzymes in the digestive system, to avoid these problems, start introducing them into your diet slowly, and in moderate portions, or pick a legume that is not as gas producing as others, i. e black eye beans;and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

Bodybuilding Supplements

There are many ways and even products which you can easily take and buy that will help support your health. The only key here is to find the best one that will match your needs. It is very important that you discuss this matter with your doctor especially if you already have certain health issues. It will also help if you will ask your personal trainer about it. Read on and find out more about these healthful tips.

Forgetting about those unhealthy foods
It is now the right time to change your diet plan. Make sure that you throw away those bags of chips and bars of chocolates from your cupboard. The next time you plan your shopping list, it is important that you include more fruits, vegetables and protein enriched foods. You should find and only get the kinds of foods that are high fiber, protein and potassium. These are the kinds of foods that will support your eight training and help improve your immune system at the same time.

Getting the right exercise
There are many and different kinds of exercises today which will surely help you lose weight and build strong muscles instead. You can always opt for those kinds of training that will suit your needs. There are those cardio workouts like aerobics, jogging, swimming and even brisk walking. Now if you wish to build strong muscles and better opt for those weight lifting trainings. Just make sure that you have your personal trainer helping and guiding you with this kind of training to fully get the benefits and results.

Take vitamins

It is important that you take the right kind of supplement. bear in mind that these bodybuilding supplements are not only suitable for those who are into bodybuilding programs but also for those who wish to recover from certain ailments. Since it is high in protein and potassium, any individuals who wish to gain their strength and endurance will surely get benefited from this kind of vitamin. There are many kinds of supplements which you can choose from such as the usp labs jack3d. Through this supplement, your body will not only recover but it will also provide you additional energy and vitality.

You don’t have to buy those expensive supplements in the market just to be healthy. There are many of these which will provide you amazing results. You just have to choose and compare them to determine the best one.

Top 11 Oral Health Tips

Top 11 oral health tips to keeps your teeth and gums healthy for life.

These oral health tips will assist you in both preventing and promoting oral health for a lifetime.

1. Brush your teeth after every meal, aiming for three times per day minimum. Make sure how you are brushing is the right way as brushing the wrong way can cause damage to the gums. Ask your dentist or dental hygienist to observe you brushing so they can make modifications if needed.

2. Use a fluoride toothpaste to help prevent cavities and oral disease. Fluoride is antibacterial and thus can help eliminate bacteria that cause oral disease.

3. Use a toothbrush with soft nylon bristles. It is a misconception that hard bristles clean better than soft, it is about good brushing technique not the type of bristles which matter.

4. Floss once per day. Ensure your technique is proper to reach well below the gumline where the bacteria accumulate.

5. Never use your teeth to open things, for example bottles or peels of fruit.

6. Give up smoking. Not only does smoking have a detrimental effect on systemic health it is very harmful to the oral tissue. Smoking can cause precancerous and cancerous lesions to form on oral tissue.

7. Drink plain tea without milk or sugar, it can help prevent cavities.

8. If you cannot brush after a snack or meal, chew a piece of sugarless gum. It will help stimulate your saliva flow and loosen up bits of food on the biting surface of your teeth.

9. Replace your toothbrush approximately every 3 months or sooner if the bristles are bent.

10. Wear a sportsguard if you play sports.

11. See your dentist and dental hygienist regularly.

Dr.Nathan Haas has been a practising dentist in Toronto, Canada for 13 years. He graduated from Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry in 1997 and prior to that completed his undergraduate degree at University of Toronto.

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Senior Home Care Health

Senior home care health tips are important for seniors who live at home on their own and need to take good care of their health. Normally, seniors who live independently are in good health. However, it is easy to fall into unhealthy habits which can put a healthy, independent senior’s health at risk. As well, as a senior there are a lot of risks and potential dangers to living alone that should also be considered.

As a senior who lives alone falling poses a big risk. Falling can cause serious injuries, including back, neck and head injuries and broken bones. Seniors who suffer from a fall can take longer to heal and their overall health can deteriorate as a result. A senior who lives alone at home and falls may not be able to get to the phone to call for help. The inability to get help or move after a fall can lead to serious situations including dehydration, starvation or even death if the fallen senior is not found in time. To avoid this awful scenario, seniors who are on their own should consider a help line service, home care service where a caregiver checks in on them, or even asking a neighbor to check in on them regularly. Even the healthiest senior can fall and get seriously hurt so these options are good ideas for seniors of all ages and at all levels of mobility and health.

Seniors who live alone often neglect to eat well. Unhealthy eating habits can be caused by many scenarios, including restricted incomes, mobility issues, vision problems, memory problems, transportation limitations and an inability to shop for fresh produce and lack of knowledge about, or desire, to spend the time cooking healthy meals for one.

Unfortunately, many seniors fall into unhealthy eating habits at a time in their lives when healthy eating is most important. Seniors can be at an increased risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. All of these health conditions can be prevented or, at least the risk reduced by eating a healthy, balanced diet filled with milk products, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Seniors who suffer from memory problems and live alone face many more challenges in the home than one would think. For example, forgetting to turn off the stove, or blow out a candle can be a serious fire hazard. Seniors with reduced vision and hearing who live independently also have their own sets of risks such as not being able to hear a smoke alarm go off, or see well enough to drive and get out of the house to run errands.

Seniors who do not have a good support system of friends and family are at risk for mental health issues including anxiety and depression. These seniors risk becoming shut-ins, shut off from their community. It is important to help seniors who live alone remain active in the community as this has a positive outcome on one’s mental, emotional and physical health.

Seniors who live alone have a right to remain independent, despite the risks discussed here. By focusing on healthy living and lifestyle choices a senior citizen can remain healthy and live independently and safely. Still, it’s important to consider senior home care, life line services or to rely on a friend or neighbor to check in regularly just in case something serious does happen and help is needed.

Preventing Hypertension

Hypertension, also know as High Blood Pressure(BP) has become one of the most pressing health issues especially in developed countries. Although there are several forms of treatment available, hypertension cannot be totally cured. As the old saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, therefore, Jin’s Health tips would like to share with you ways on preventing high blood pressure.

Let me first give you a brief description on what is hypertension. Hypertension is the increase in BP of the arteries. This increase in BP opens up the Pandora’s box of many other health problems such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, dementia, ischemic attack, kidney failure and even loss of vision.

Classification Systolic pressure Diastolic pressure:
mmHg kPa mmHg kPa
Normal: 90-119 12-15.9 60-79 8.0-10.5

Prehypertension: 120-139 16.0-18.5 80-89 10.7-11.9
Stage 1 140-159 18.7-21.2 90-99 12.0-13.2
Stage 2 ≥160 ≥21.3 ≥100 ≥13.3
Isolated systolic:
hypertension: ≥140 ≥18.7 <90 <12.0

Source: American Heart Association (2003).[5]
This is a guide as to which category does your BP falls under.

If you exhibit the following symptoms, please consult your doctor to check if you have hypertension:

– Chest pain
– Breathing problems
– Dizziness
– Irregular heartbeat
– Blood in urine
– Problems with vision
– Vomiting

How to Prevent Hypertension:

– Regular exercise
– Reduce dietary sugar
– Reduce dietary salt
– Refrain from smoking
– Reduce stress
– Abstain from alcohol

Health Tips For Living A Healthy Diet

Indeed we have now gone beyond the first quarter of the year. Have you managed to maintain those New Year’s resolutions regarding your intentions for a healthy diet and lifestyle? For many people staying on the white line that’s consistent with attempts to keep up their intentions/promises of a healthy diet and lifestyle can be difficult.

The first thing to acknowledge here is that we are not perfect and prone to make mistakes then it’s up to us all to recreate our intentions… and remember nobody at least not that I know achieves perfect health. The trick is to realize that it’s ongoing so keep yourself fired up and inspired on how you can maintain that healthy diet and lifestyle!

-Responsibility is the key and caring for yourself by bringing thoughts and deeds into action. Keep educating yourself on this lifelong process while learning to discern is another key. So, here are my 11 major health tips for a living a healthy diet and lifestyle. I would strongly recommend putting these tips in your health strategies.

1. Eat plenty of raw food

A raw food diet allows you to get the full nutritional benefit in your food. Food like this doesn’t get the vitamins and enzymes denatured (misshapen) through irradiation, heat or freezing and is therefore able to take part effectively in the body’s metabolism…

2. Avoid eating too much at once

Eating in moderate amounts throughout the day allows you to keep your insulin levels normalized. Fasting intermittently also helps with insulin levels. Both situations can contribute to also maintaining or losing weight because of insulin normalization.

3. Distinguish between healthy and unhealthy fats

Don’t fall for the marketing hype; you need good quality fats as part of an essential diet. For example, contrary to what’s been said saturated fats are good for you. An excellent example of a good healthy saturated fat is coconut oil with multiple health benefits.

4. Choose organic

Organic food doesn’t have chemicals laden as in the non-organic option. It is GMO free and has higher nutritional value…

5. Avoid GMO’s

GMO foods have potential harmful effects from their ‘toxic genes,’ contain a number of chemicals used as herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and fertilizers… which can not only compromise the nutrition value but also cause potential harm.

Some GMO fruits have been known to contain 30 times more fructose than organic.

6. Alkalize you body

Eat foods that contribute to raising you body’s pH for the healthier option.

7. Avoid junk foods

With their next-to-nothing (or nothing at all) nutrition value these toxic sugar laden, high salt foods have the effect of causing a whole range of health problems. Learn to discern this.

8. Drink plenty of good clean filtered or natural water

Having a plentiful supply of water for the body provides numerous health benefits.

9. Aim to get around 15-30 minutes direct sunlight a day

If not available say in winter times then try supplementing with vitamin D3 tablets. Around 5000 IU’s a day will suffice…

10. Exercise around 15-20 minutes a day

There is some excellent information to be found online explaining the health benefits of exercise and why it is needed.

11. Have a generally upbeat/up happy attitude in life

Remember thoughts, feeling and emotions… your attitude in life manifest reality. Keep a close monitor on how you see life and if needed make the necessary changes.

Back to School Health

The following are some great back to school health tips:

Tip one: Hand washing. Kids spread germs and illness because many do not wash their hands enough, and often touch their food and faces after touching someone or something full of germs. So, if you want to stay healthy this year, teach your kids to wash their hands frequently. Attach a bottle of hand sanitizer to their backpacks for quick and easy application.

Tip two: Vitamin C. Get plenty of vitamin C to help boost the immune system so that your child can fight off the various bacteria and germs that lead to the sniffles, snuffles, coughs, colds, etc. Include orange juice in their breakfast and foods rich in vitamin C throughout the day. If necessary, supplement.

Tip three: Get to bed on time. The body rejuvenates and repairs while sleeping. If your child does not get enough sleep, their health will decline. For a healthier child, proper rest is a necessity. Most school age kids need a minimum of 9 hours of rest a night. Set and enforce a realistic bedtime that allows for plenty of rest.

Tip four: Cough into the elbow. Teach your kids not to spread germs by coughing and sneezing into their elbows. If they do it into their hands, they will spread germs to the things that they touch. Elbows are a safer, and often more convenient option, such as when your hands are full of school supplies.

Tip five: Immunize. In order to help your child avoid illness, and thus be healthier, make sure to keep them up to date with their immunizations. Regular doctor visits will help your child stay healthy, and catch any problems before they arise.

Tip six: Backpack with straps. One of the biggest problems with a child’s health and school is that heavy backpacks can cause back problems. Help alleviate this by purchasing backpacks with chest straps and padding for support. You want to avoid single shoulder strap bags. This can cause back problems, misalignment, etc.

Tip seven: Eye exam. School can be tough on a child’s eyes, lots of reading, be focused for a long-time, bright commercial lighting, etc. So, make sure your child’s eyes aren’t being strained because they need glasses or contacts. Get them an eye exam every school year so that if they do need glasses, they get them before school starts.

Tip eight: Helmets. Keep your kids safe as they go to and from school by making sure they wear a helmet on their head, and pads on knees and elbows. This will keep them safe on their bikes. If they walk, be sure to talk to them daily about watching for cars, paying attention to where they are stepping, waiting for crossing guard help, etc. If they ride a bus, talk to them about sitting forward and listening to the bus driver’s instructions.

Great Health Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy

Before you decide to conceive it’s an excellent idea to prepare for pregnancy. If you’re looking for health tips to prepare for pregnancy this article is for you. How can you be prepared? What’s your best plan for a healthy and successful pregnancy?

Preparing one or two years ahead of time for both male and female is a great start. It’s important to identify strengths and weaknesses in your health. You may feel pretty OK health-wise but if you’re not a parent and you want to be – you have no idea what’s coming your way. Several months or even years of sleepless nights are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s best to be prepared. A health care provider who has experience can make the best plans to support your health. An Ob/Gyn (Obstetrician Gynecologist) is a great start especially for women’s health. In addition an acupuncturist also trained in herbal medicine who has experience with fertility can be highly supportive, especially in the early stages before conception where conventional medicine falls short.

You’re making very important plans to bring a new life into the world. Pregnancy is a major challenge on Mom’s health so it’s best to be preventive instead of reactionary. Often times I get infertility cases that are unexplained by conventional medicine but under a Traditional Chinese medical diagnosis and the therapeutic practice of acupuncture many imbalances can be identified and treated. Success always depends on how deep the imbalance has taken hold and early intervention.

Planning ahead of time means contacting a health professional who understands how to optimize health and support fertility through all stages of care – before conception, and pre- and postnatal meaning before birth through pregnancy and after your child is born.

After your child is born, support of Mom and baby continues particularly by supporting Mom’s health through nursing. Let’s not forget Dad. Optimizing health prior to conception also ensures healthy sperm and maximizes Dad’s health. Support for Mom through pregnancy and the fathering of a family that follows is another important piece of the complex health puzzle.

Anything new presents additional levels of stress that can challenge health and needs to be supported. There will be lots of sleepless nights in the coming years and a healthy body does better going into pregnancy and parenthood than a body already compromised health-wise before conception. Making sure your diet is optimized for your health is important to ensure you’re getting the right nutrition. What is commonly accepted as the right nutrition is not necessarily what you need to support your health concerns. Consider a diet and nutritional consult to discover any imbalances. Put yourself on the path to optimal health the natural way. It just makes good sense.

Here are 3 tips to practice before conceiving for both men and women.

  1. Address untreated health issues – Any health issues not being cared for or not treated needs to be looked into such as anxiety, depression, poor digestion, migraines, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, low energy and more. Learn how your current health issues could affect pregnancy. Consider a consult and evaluation. Talk to a health professional. See if you can optimize your health ahead of time instead of going into conception blind.

  1. Optimize Sleep – if you have poor sleeping habits this is an area of great concern for your health over the years and needs to be addressed. Your body repairs, rejuvenates and restores itself during sleep. Make your bedroom a dark, quiet place of peace and relaxation. Avoid watching TV in bed. Maintain a regular sleep schedule going to bed and waking at the same times. Get 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night – your body will tell you if you need more or less. If you wake feeling tired or you tend to have low energy patterns, improving your sleep is important. If you struggle with sleep problems acupuncture and a diet or supplement consult is definitely a natural therapy to consider.

  1. Optimize Diet – there is a “general healthy diet” for everyone to follow and there are specific diets for individuals to maintain and restore balance in health. A diet consult can help you. In general sugar and carbs are a big problem in our society leading to weight gain. Sugar and carbs that break down into sugar in abundance can unbalance the endocrine system responsible for hormone production. The endocrine system includes the following glands: pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, testicles, and ovaries. This system can be a major source of health problems when out of balance and not supported properly. In addition, it is necessary to make sure you are making health fat choices. Fat is an essential nutrient and a precursor for hormone production. Bad fats are hydrogenated oils, trans-fats, and fats that have turned rancid – think of the good fats in nuts but let them hang around too long and they can turn rancid. Think about oils that have been overcooked by deep frying for example. The high heat destroys the fat and now is considered a bad fat. Another bad choice would be processed and denatured foods. I would not call these real foods. Real foods good bad fairly quickly. Processed foods can sit on selves for long periods of time because they are loaded with chemicals and preservatives – not good.

Imbalances and poor practices in the fundamentals of diet, sleep, exercise and stress management can create all sorts of signs and symptoms and leave you with lots of health problems. I call this symptom-chasing. You end up chasing treatments for signs and symptoms without good results because the fundamentals are not supportive to your health and are just plain messed-up. Maintaining health through maximizing healthy practices in the fundamentals of diet, sleep, exercise, stress management help you stay focused on your true health needs for optimal health, the natural way.

Remember, what you learn now for best practices in health and well-being is what you’ll pass along to your children.

So before deciding to have children make the best plan possible for both Mom and Dad. Consider contacting a holistic health professional to evaluate your health. You’ll be amazed to discover all natural ways to optimize your health for your best pregnancy ever. The only side effect is getting healthier along the way.

Health Tips For Getting Smoother Younger Looking Skin Naturally

We all want to get smoother younger looking skin naturally. There are many techniques that are out there that can give you a good idea on the best ways to accomplish this. With the new advancements made daily, there is always a new way to accomplish this growing need of getting smoother younger looking skin naturally. There are many ways this could be accomplished. Some health tips are:

1. Water- Whether you know it, water helps you obtain natural smoother skin. The water flushes away toxins that block your potential of getting that smooth skin. However, by drinking around 5 cups a day at least will allow your to get that nice skin you’ve always wanted.

2. Proper Nutrients- Having the right nutrients in your body will give you smoother younger looking skin naturally. There is never a downside to getting proper nutrients. You not only get smoother skin, you can get healthier.

3. Aloe Vera- The application of this natural gel will allow your skin to exfoliate. When you have exfoliated skin, it can breathe easier and allow for healing skin. Normally used to help cool sunburns, Aloe Vera is great to give you healthy smoother skin.

4. Lemon Juice- By applying lemon juice to your face, can protect your skin from acne forming or dry skin. This protection is the best that you can put on your face because of the nutrients that are found in lemon juice.

5. Protection- Having sunscreen on your skin is the best protection you can give to your skin. People are going to go out in the sun; this is never going to be stopped. However, you can protect your skin by applying the right SPF sunscreen that is available at your local grocery store. Staying out in the sun too long, regardless of sunscreen, is not healthy.

6. Vitamin E- Vitamins are always going to have a benefit to your body. Vitamin E works to exfoliate your skin and get the greasiness out of it. No one likes having oily skin because this is a breading ground for acne and dry skin. Taking vitamins is another good health tip for all.

7. Fruits and Vegetables- This of course is a common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are good for you. But, many forget that they are also good or your skin. Applying this dietary change into your diet will change the look of your skin drastically. There are many vitamins that are found in fruits and vegetables that it is no wonder why it would help your skin as well.

8. Fish- Many people don’t know it, but fish has many benefits in ways of giving you smooth skin. Fish oils have been used as vitamins to help in many ways. The same fish oils transfer to your cells that help protect you from getting dry and achy skin.

9. Moisturize- You always need to do this if you are going to make any progress in reducing the aging process and get smoother younger looking skin. When you moisturize with different lotions that are natural, not only are you getting the benefits of the vitamins that are found in natural lotions, you are getting that smooth texture to your skin.

10. Anti-aging supplement- Resveratrol is one of the most popular solutions when it comes to looking younger than you really are. This is because it has been proven to be effective in lab testing. It gets to the root of the problem by fighting the free radicals that cause aging. Sometimes it’s impossible to treat your body as well as you would like, so think of resveratrol as insurance for your skin.

Through all the health tips that you can find that will help you get those smooth younger looking skin, you can find the above tips to be the most satisfactory. There are many benefits of taking care of your skin. Having the right health tips is the most important thing that you could do to achieve that goal. There are many incidences which having the smooth skin pays off. You don’t have to worry about any problems down the line of having bad skin that has to be operated on or have the unwanted skin cancer. Be cautious and always protect your skin the best you can.

Important Pet Oral Health Tips

When people finish their meals, all they need to do is grab a toothbrush or gargle some mouthwash for instant fresh breath for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, cats and dogs do not have the natural intelligence to clean their mouth after every meal, causing them to have naturally fouler smelling breath than their human counterparts. For this reason, it is essential to set aside a part of your day giving your furry friends some attention, particularly to that of their oral hygiene.

Why Bad Breath Occurs In Pets

Many people believe that animals are naturally different from humans, and for the most part it is true. However, just like humans, they are living creatures which need the same amount of love and care in order to live a full and happy life. If their basic needs, such as oral hygiene and is neglected, this can cause some unpleasant results, such as bad breath in pets.

The most common reason why bad breath occurs in pets is because of their poor oral hygiene. After every meal, the dogs and cats naturally have some food stuck in between their teeth or at the back of the mouth. When food gets stuck or is left in the mouth, bacteria breeds in the area, thus causing bad breath.

Oral Health Tips For Your Pets

There are many ways in which to help improve the oral hygiene of your pets.

Brush their teeth. Just like humans, pets need to have their teeth and mouth cleaned every other meal. Since food can get stuck in between their teeth or at the back of their mouths, it is essential to brush their teeth at least once a day. You may also provide them with dental chew food and items to help clean their mouths.

Clean their toys. Your dogs and cats have chew toys which they play with every single day. Keeping this items clean will prevent bacteria from transferring into their oral cavities, which can cause bad breath.

Visit a Veterinarian Regularly. Pet owners should regularly bring their beloved pets to a veterinarian at least once a month to provide them with checkups. Your pets need to be given the proper care in order to prevent illnesses from cutting their lives short.

Give your pet tooth friendly treats. Your pets have naturally softer and more sensitive teeth. Provide them with food that not only is soft enough for them to bite into, but could also be supplied with nutrients which can improve their coat and bones.

Watch what your pet eats. Asides from healthy treats, it is also important to give importance to their meals. Do not give them anything which could damage their teeth and could cause higher incidence of cavities, which leads to bad breath.

Your pets are naturally members of your family. Since they are very beloved to you and your family, it is essential to give them all the love and proper care that you can give. In this manner, not only will they feel wanted, they will be able to live out a full healthy and happy life in your home.